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Oracle - Engineered for Cloud

Developing an understanding of solutions ‘Engineered for the Cloud’ across both customers and employees.

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  • The challenge

    Oracle solutions are ‘Engineered for the Cloud’. Fully co-engineered across every layer of the IT stack, these solutions allow seamless migration of data in and out of the cloud.

    Our task was to share the cloud infrastructure story with Oracle’s customers, but also to arm the sales workforce with the tools they needed to drive sales.

  • The solution

    We responded with an integrated programme that took sales staff and their customers on a journey into ‘Engineered for the Cloud’.

    We created interactive video content for each of the product pillars underpinning the Oracle story, and versatile 3D environments that illustrated their benefits in real terms. A broad range of supporting content helped to further bring the Oracle story to life.

  • The headline

    "I'm really impressed with the work you guys have done, it's on another level. This is going to blow their minds."

    – Oracle Senior Vice President.

    "You guys ROCKED it!"

    – Oracle Senior Vice President.